September 23, 2023

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What Do Hedgehogs Try to eat?

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Considering about having a hedgehog! That’s great information! Prior to you provide your new spiky buddy home, be positive you have a very good variety of food on hand.


The basis of a healthier hedgehog eating plan have to be insects and other invertebrates. In the wild, hedgehogs would have feasted wildly on an assortment of delicious bugs, beetles, and worms! Emotion squeamish? Will not be. You do not have to have to go outside the house and dig in the grime for bugs. This could truly be very damaging for your hedgie’s well being as quite a few bugs in the all-natural planet have been extensively exposed to harmful pesticides. Hedgehogs have basically been regarded to die soon after ingesting contaminated bugs.

The most effective supply for nutritious insects is your area pet shop or on line seller. Glance for beetles, crickets, and meal worms. Dislike bugs? No issue. Spot your container of bugs into the freezer. This will get rid of the bugs but keep them new and preserved. Just be absolutely sure to let them thaw before serving.

Each food ought to contain six insects.


In addition to bugs, you will want to feed your hedgehog a assortment of lean proteins. For this purpose you will essentially want to keep away from industrial hedgehog foodstuff and decreased top quality cat food stuff as both of those products and solutions are likely to be quite high in body fat and additives. You can simply deliver your hedgehog will outstanding sources of protein by delivering cooked shrimp, skinless chicken breast, or turkey breast slice into little items. Just make sure whatsoever meat you provide is cooked, not raw.

If you want to feed your hedgehog geared up foodstuff, search for large good quality moist and dry cat foods. How can you establish good quality? Browse the labels! Look for meals that are common these kinds of as “chicken breast.” Do not settle for obscure phrases this kind of as “poultry” as this indicates a reduced meals grade. Also stay away from any food with a lot of chemicals, included sugar, or fats.

New Foods!

Hedgehogs love fruit and veggies lower into small pieces. Very good food items contain Apples, asparagus, bananas, carrots, greens, sweet peppers. Food items to avoid include peas and corn as they include much too much sugar and phosphorus. Finally, these food items ought to be avoided totally as they are not safe for hedgehogs!

  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins – Will result in organ failure.
  • Milk and Dairy Products – Hedgehogs are not able to digest these foods. Abdomen issues and diarrhea will adhere to.
  • Nuts and Seeds – A lot of hedgehogs will get nuts and seeds trapped in the roof of their mouths. Some have also been recognized to unintentionally gouge their possess eyes out attempting to get a nut or seed out of their shells.
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