September 23, 2023

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Guinea Fowl for Chemical Free of charge Pest Control for Your Blueberry Farm and Garden

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Guinea fowl are native to Africa. There are numerous various styles of guinea. They are often used to manage in opposition to becoming overrun with ticks, fleas, grasshoppers, and a host of other insects.For the reason that of their independent and wild character, guinea fowl are an effortless addition to any farm. Free of charge ranging guineas use most of their time foraging. They will seldom peck at a cultivated plant, they a great deal instead consume bugs, weeds, and weed seeds. They perform as a team heading by means of an place consuming any bug they stir up.

They are significantly less trouble to have than other fowl. This is simply because guineas prefer flexibility to staying regimented. They are to some degree a normal semi wild bird and have not been commercially developed and “enhanced” as have chickens. As infants (keets) you must having said that deal with them a lot upon receipt if you wish them to be calmer as they increase up.

There are many factors to elevate guinea. This incorporates:

1) Guineas do not trouble the backyard or flower bed like chickens do. Guinea Fowl do not scratch much like chickens do..

2) They are expert at hunting out all forms of insects and enable handle insect populations. They can enable preserve your assets really much pest free without the use of harsh chemical compounds.

3) They typically do not consume the vegetation and it is Alright to depart them in the back garden. Guineas will try to eat grasshoppers, ticks and any other back garden pest..

4) The guinea can be utilised like a observe dog in alerting the farm inhabitants from thieves with its loud, ruthless, cry and its confrontational disposition. Guineas are incredibly inform and suspicious birds. Nothing at all goes unobserved in their surroundings.

Employing guinea fowl to manage insects

Guinea fowl can enable control tick populations and take in other hazardous bugs. The Guinea fowl’s tick and bug exterminating skills are a person of the main motives heaps of persons are now beginning to maintain Guinea fowl. Although no one can guarantee guinea fowl will take in each and every unique tick on the home, men and women who have them assert that they seldom uncover ticks.

Guinea fowl are guineas are pretty vocal and their loud cackling cries can make a loud serenade.They can be a pain in the neck as perfectly as a resource of entertainment but as for finding ticks that are opportunity carriers of Lyme disorder as very well as other insects they are difficult to conquer. They serenade with a resounding buckwheat call. It is typically really worth putting up with their cackling and antics in exchange for serving to handle your home from ticks, fleas and other pest. Utilizing guinea fowl to handle ticks that may perhaps carry lime disorder on the blueberry farm will make a lot of perception.

They are an invaluable resource of chemical absolutely free pest command. Even though you are not able to assurance guinea fowl will eat all the ticks on the house they do substantially reduce their figures.Guineas are a superior non-chemical means to assistance rid your garden of ticks, fleas, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles and other bugs. These birds are the definitive lower-cost, chemical free insect control system.

They bond with exactly where they are raised and it is important to maintain them confined to this location whilst they are younger. Enable them roam totally free on the house just after reaching maturity. This is primarily accurate if guineas are remaining employed for insect management. They will will need a source of clear consuming h2o. You will will need to use supplemental laying turkey mash and seed if you want them to stay near to their residence. Normally this is supplied to them in the evening to aid get them into the barn or other spot exactly where they can roost. You can practice them to keep closer to their residence by as extensive as some feed is kept in a conventional locale.

They will rarely peck at a cultivated plant as they much want insects, weeds, and weed seeds.The guineas are moderately nicely-behaved in a yard when chickens are normally damaging to the flower beds and yard. Guineas are entertaining and considerably far more smart than the domestic chicken and not as very easily restrained. They keep some of their wild manners as they have by no means been commercially created like chickens. Guinea fowl are excellent insect hunters that present a good alternate to spraying toxins. They are also amusing to enjoy and pay attention to. Letting Guineas to wander by means of your blueberry patch and backyard garden can be a massive aid. Droppings will in the long run decompose and enrich the soil enrichment. Of outstanding company is the insect manage they offer. Guineas will take in ticks and any other garden pest. They will not commonly consume the vegetation and are safe to have in the back garden.

Guinea fowl for meat

There has been a increasing desire for guinea fowl. A young guineas meat has a good flavor and is tender. It resembles that of activity birds. It has been use as a substitute for game birds these as pheasant, quail and partridge on the menus of some upscale places to eat. Their meat is all dark and remarkably prized by quite a few eating places. One particular wide variety the, Jumbo Pearl, is gray and bred to develop additional meat and weighs 5 to 7 lbs. It will mate by natural means and does not have to be artificially inseminated to get fertility.

Guinea is frequently named “inadequate man’s wild sport” these as pheasant because it tastes related to pheasant and at appreciably fewer charge. Guinea fowl has a flavor that is related to that of other match birds. The Guinea meat is lean and its dietary attributes make it a precious addition to the food plan.


Guinea fowl are a price tag-helpful way to have chemical free insect control though offering leisure and gourmand food items. They can provide as the attributes sentinel

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