September 23, 2023

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4 Items to Think about When Maintaining Other Fish With Your Pet Crayfish

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If you are going to have a pet crayfish, there are a handful of things you may well want to take into account. Following obtaining a pet crayfish for nearly 3 yrs, I have learned a number of vital factors about pet crayfish care.

Tank Dimension Matters

1st off, tank measurement is likely to be fairly significant if you plan on having a crayfish and other fish. For a person, crayfish are pretty soiled creatures. A crayfish can filthy up a tank relatively promptly by the squander it produces. For this purpose, I would recommend at minimum a twenty gallon tank. Individually I’ve been able to continue to keep my own crayfish in a ten gallon tank. Nonetheless, executing so necessary more regular h2o alterations in get to preserve the tank hunting refreshing and cleanse.

Also, a larger tank will give extra area for your crayfish and other fish. This is great as crayfish are pretty territorial creatures.

Styles of Tank Mates

Crayfish are aggressive creatures. They are omnivores who appreciate nothing at all extra than obtaining their claws on a thing and consuming it. They have no dilemma ingesting other the fish in your tank, the vegetation and even other crayfish, if you have them.

So if you approach on owning other fish in your fish tank along with your pet crayfish, get fish who are also aggressive. Fish that swim close to the leading of the tank and who are quickly operate fantastic far too.

Currently I have hatchet fish and a crimson tail shark in my 20 gallon tank alongside with my pet blue crayfish. The pink tail shark has really been dwelling with my pet crayfish for about two many years. It really is worked out extremely properly simply because he too is intense, swims close to the top of the tank and is a fast swimmer. This will not indicate that my crayfish does not check out to snatch him up from time to time, he does.

Remember, fish who are sluggish and swim in the vicinity of the base of the fish tank, exactly where crayfish dwell, are very probably to be eaten. I have lost a handful of fish early on for the reason that they ended up gradual-swimming fish.


My experience has been that if I keep my crayfish fed effectively, they are not normally as aggressive. Obviously, the much more hungry a crayfish is, the far more probable it is to attempt to hunt down and seize your other fish. So keep your crayfish fed, but of course don’t overfeed him.

Get a Hideout

Your crayfish requires a hideout. Once again, crayfish are territorial and like to have a position to burrow. This is primarily legitimate and significant when your pet crayfish molts. Mainly because when a crayfish molts, he much too gets to be a focus on to other creatures in the tank, as he is weak. Hideouts are affordable and can be procured at any pet retail outlet. Or you can simply make them out of PVC pipe.

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