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Your Ultimate Guide to Dry Cleaning Services

Garment care involves dry cleaning using chemical solvents other than water for fabrics that are delicate and degrade in water. There are types of clothes or fabrics that are too delicate to wash using rough and tumble washing machines such as lined clothing like pleated skirts, coats, jackets, and colorfast garments. A professional dry cleaner has the right knowledge, skills, and things needed to dry clean a delicate clothing. Wash instructions must be checked before buying clothes because there are garments or fabrics needing professional handling including taffeta, acetate, silk, wool, velvet, and fabric blends (rayon, wool, and silk).

When it comes to the process of dry cleaning involves using a chemical solvent such as tetrachloroethylene (perc or “dry cleaning fluid”), trichloroethane, or petroleam spirits. It is important to bring stained clothes to a professional dry cleaner right away for your delicate clothes to prevent setting of odors and stains. Older stains become more stubborn so bring stained clothes to the right dry cleaning service company for proper and immediate cleaning. Many people try to pre-treat the stains at home, which is not good. Lengthen the life of your clothes, towels, blankets, and bed linens through moderate dry cleaning. A wool jacket or sweater can be worn up to six times prior to dry cleaning.

How do you prepare your clothes for dry cleaning? To avoid damage to your delicate clothes, you have to remove all items such as lipstick, coins, and key chains inside the pockets. It is a good idea listing down the origins of the stains, or put pins or tapes near the stain for easier identification. Most wedding gowns need dry cleaning as part of garment care, and one of the most problematic parts to clean are the dainty trims and accents such as sequins, seed pearls, beads, lace, embroidery, applique, and lace. Allow ample time to perform professional dry cleaning and alternations for heirloom gowns because many fabrics tend to become yellowish as time goes by.Communicate any concerns or special instructions to the professional dry cleaner like taking extra care when handling zippers and buttons.

It is important to choose a trusted, experienced, reliable, and reputable dry cleaning company to help address your dry cleaning needs and concerns. Seek referrals or recommendations from family or friends. Are you looking for a dry cleaning service? Learn more about our professional dry cleaning and alterations services in Covington. Many dry cleaning companies offer quality dry cleaning services. But, of course, you only deserve the best service in Covington.

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